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December 30, 2009

KJ Parker – The Company

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Like all Parker’s other work, this one is grim and depressing, but still interesting and absorbing. Unusually, the protagonist (I can’t think of many authors for whose work it would be less accurate to say “hero”) isn’t a craftsman or engineer, and whilst there is a competent workman amongst the eponymous Company he doesn’t get that much screen time.

This is basically a demob novel, following five ex-soldiers trying to find lives after the end of the war, and for the most part not succeeding. I get the feeling they generally would have, if it weren’t for each other; but at the same time, each other is all they have, and pretty much all they value. They can’t decide what they want (and most of them don’t seem to be able to decide anything for themselves) and nearly everything they do goes wrong.

If a relative of mine expressed a desire to join the armed forces, this is the book I’d give them.

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