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June 24, 2011

Women in fantastika – an alphabetical meme

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In lieu of real content, have a meme. Here’s a list of women who write/wrote fantastika, one for each letter of the alphabet. (Where I couldn’t think of one beginning with that letter, I’ve doubled the previous one—if you know one I don’t, let me know and I’ll insert them.) Bold means I own some of their work, italics mean I’ve read and remember something they wrote. If I’ve mis-alphabetized any of the non-English names, again, let me know.

Since it’s only one per letter, I’ve purposely picked less well-known women, or ones I haven’t seen on most lists.

Aiken, Joan
bes shahar, eluki (also writes as Edghill, Rosemary)
Cooper, Louise
Dean, Pamela
El-Mohtar, Amal
Furey, Maggie
Gloss, Molly
Hambly, Barbara
(I) Hunter, Mollie
Jones, JV
Kerr, Katherine
Lee, Tanith
McKenna, Juliet E
Nimmo, Jenny
Okorafor, Nnedi
Pierce, Tamora
(Q) Priest, Cherie
Reichert, Mickey Zucker
Swainston, Steph
Tepper, Sheri S
(U) Tuttle, Lisa
Volsky, Paula
Williams, Liz
(X) Willis, Connie
Yolen, Jane
Zettel, Sarah

June 10, 2011

Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell

My re-read project, over at Fae Awareness Month, is going apace:

Chapters 1-5

Chapters 6-10

Chapters 11-15

June 2, 2011

Fae Awareness Month

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Long-term readers, or even casual readers, will know all about my Thing About Fairies. Real fairies don’t get nearly as much love – or helpless adoration, or sheer gut-wrenching terror, or all three – as they deserve, so some of us have put together a month-long blog project to celebrate Faerie in all its forms.

You can find it at Fae Awareness Month, and my first post has just gone live, so go and read all about the fae of A Midsummer Night’s Dream here.

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