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May 14, 2009


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Q: OK, so why this one?

A: I decided I wanted to write about SF, and in a way my existing blogs wouldn’t really support.

So here’s the manifesto. I’m going to be opinionated and make sweeping generalizations, and I’m mostly going to write about things that have annoyed me. Partly, this is in order to work out why they annoy me, and whether I’m right to be annoyed about them.

Q: Why the name?

A: It’s because when I had the idea to start this, I was getting particularly annoyed about SF featuring elves & fairies. I don’t like elves & fairies, I don’t think they’re a good thing, and whilst stories about them can make some new & interesting points I’ve rarely seen one that does.

Q: So what qualifications do you have to write about this stuff?

A: I’m a reading animal, who thinks about what he reads. I don’t think about it hard enough, or critically enough, to make me happy, though, so this is partly in an effort to do more of that.

Q: Who are you, anyway?

A: I was born in a blizzard on Easter Saturday, in the year of the Silver Jubilee. My great-great-great-grandmother was the North Sea, and one of my longfathers was a wild mountain ram. My people are descended from wave upon wave of invaders, and entire Eisteddfodau of poets, bishops, and bards. I’ve been a scientist and an artist, a poet and an actor, a stable hand, a research psychologist, a costumier, a lighting designer, and a nanomaterials engineer.

I’ve read a lot of good books, and a lot of bad ones, and there are uncountable numbers of both left for me to read.

This is me. (Photo by Nick Metcalfe.)

Me on the wharf at Tobermory, April 2009

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